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  In an area where hunting leases are few and far between, the crew at Prairie Waterfowl has secured an exclusive spot in Saskatchewan, Canada. The hunting is as gracious and beautiful as the landscape, and as Americans we are extremely fortunate to have this area to enjoy. In addition to the land, we have secured one of the best lodges in northern Saskatchewan. It is not uncommon to be spending time at the lodge and see the lake be nearly white with snow geese or dark with Canadian Geese and White-Fronted Geese (Speckled Belly).

On top of all of this, the birds in the area make the trip well worth it. The Greater Canadas that come to the area are as impressive as they are numerous. With those and the Mallards, our own crew was all limited out in less than an hour this past season. It is all memories that will last our lifetimes and we truly hope we can do the same for you.

Give us a call if you’d like to visit more: Harlan Boettcher 281-687-0624

3 day huntSeptember 10, 2014 - October 24, 2014 • $2800
4 day hunt September 10, 2014 - October 24, 2014 • $3000
** Includes lodging, meals, shells, and hunting (8 man minimum)
  Travel Schedules
Plan to travel to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Flights come in thru Minneapolis, Denver or other Canadian cities such as Calgary. If you fly thru a Canadian city, keep in mind that West Jet is much like Southwest Airlines and may not show up on other airlines as a connection, but it is both economical and reliable.

Once in Saskatoon, you will need transportation to travel to the Lodge which is located about 20 minutes north of North Battleford. We have detailed driving directions and will provide them to you in August. Travel reservations need to be made as early as possible as the flights fill quickly and the larger 4-wheel drive SUV’s are booked.

Larger vans are also available. We have an outfitter discount arranged through Budget. Just ask for the outfitter discount when you book.
Be prepared for both chilly and warm weather as it is unpredictable this time of year. Evenings are usually chilly regardless. It is also advisable to bring both waders as well as warm boots.

Guns and Ammunition
There is a charge per gun, limit two guns, and they will need to be in a locked case. The paperwork for this can be filled out ahead of time or at the point at which you clear customs. If you choose to complete the paper work ahead of time, go to www.cfc-cafc.gc.ca and print the CAFC-909 form. These forms must be printed on legal size paper. You then fax these forms in with a credit card, and they send you a stamped piece of paper which you then show when you clear customs. If you choose to obtain the stamp at customs, it is easiest if you print the form ahead of time and complete it prior to arrival. When you arrive, you hand them your form and credit card, and they process the paper work. This is what we have done, and it was quick and easy.
  Hunting License and Additional Hunting Equipment
A sporting goods store, Outdoor Outfitters, is located in Saskatoon in route to the lodge. They have licenses, ammunition and clothing as well as most other supplies you might need. A Wal-Mart is located on your route at North Battleford should you be traveling after 6:00 PM. Make sure that you tell them that you want a license for an American…you will need both pieces. It runs about $145.00. If you will be arriving after 9:00 PM, please alert us, provide us the information needed, and we will pick up your license for you. This is much easier to do in Canada. We will fax you a brief info sheet that you can fill in and fax back. Not a problem if you need us to get it for you. Location of both Outdoor Outfitters and Wal-Mart will be on your travel map.

The lodge does not provide alcohol. In Canada, all alcohol is purchased at Liquor Stores. These will be marked on your map as well. Remember that you can bring two bottles of booze in duty free.
The lodge easily sleeps 14 folks which allow us to accommodate up to 8 guests, 2 to 3 hosts (Harlan and Jamie function as hosts), a guide and a cook. The Lodge has 3 living areas, 6 bedrooms with at least 2 twin beds in each and 6 bathrooms in addition to its large back deck and front patio. It also has a heated indoor swimming pool. The Lodge sits up on a hill overlooking Jack Fish Lake to the north and fields of grain on the other three sides. It boasts an indoor pool with a TV area as well as a guest refrigerator.

Food and Special Dietary Requirements
If you have special dietary needs, please let us know ahead of time. We are able to accommodate most dietary requests. A light breakfast of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, toast, cereal and breakfast bars is available prior to going on the morning hunt. Brunch is served after the morning hunt. Soup and sandwich makings are always available should your become hungry between meals. Appetizers and a hearty dinner are served in the evening. Menus include steaks grilled to order, a whole pork loin cooked on the rotisserie and fresh Canadian fish.
  Lodge Phone Number and Internet Access
The phone number at the lodge is 306-892-2145 and the fax number is 306-892-2145. Feel free to leave this number in case you need to be reached. High speed internet is available at the lodge as well.
  What to Expect
View Canada Hunt Video

We are hunting, not harvesting. Sometimes it is incredible. Other times it falls a little short. We can’t promise that every hunt will be record setting in the numbers of birds taken. We can’t even promise that every day will feature crisp, cool weather. We can however promise our best efforts to insure that you have a wonderful experience. Expect good food, good friends, interesting countryside and the opportunity to hunt in the “land of many birds”. We will set up spreads using full bodied replica decoys and layout blinds. You will be comfortable! We have killed as few as 28 birds and as many as 100+ in a morning. There are a tremendous number of greater Canada’s and mallards in the area. Year before last we saw more ducks at one time than any of us had ever seen before. However, they flew 10 minutes after shooting time. The year before they came in earlier, and we limited out in just minutes. This year we had the duck hunt of a lifetime (in the snow.) The wildlife was phenomenal…moose, whitetail, Hungarian partridge (Huns), Sharp Tailed Grouse (Huns) and so many ducks and geese. What an experience sitting in a grain field watching greater Canada’s come in while viewing a moose traverse the hillside below. When the white geese come in, the lake turns white as snow. When the dark geese come in, the lakes look to be filled with islands. And the trees turn golden…lighting the hills and shores with ribbons of yellow.
  Need More Information? Please email us with any questions you may have about hunting or our services. We love to hear from our customers, and we will be happy to assist in any way we can.
Harlan Boettcher
979-335-6012 • Cell: 281-687-0624
email: nena@boettcher.com
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